Jinjiang: It is the largest shoe industrial information base and the largest shoe production (output of 8.5% of the world), processing and trade base in China. Jinjiang's shoe industrial products range covers noodles wide. It has the superb production equipment and a complete enterprise chain. Jinjiang has a large number of famous brand enterprise gather together, and cause the shoe market maturity, and formed the link of integrated shoe industry chain of China. At the same time, Jinjiang is also an important national sports goods manufacturing base, with 37 national sports industry brands. Jinjiang will be built into an important national sports industry base and strive to  become a sports city with international influence.

You(): It means harmonious and friendly. The word "you" in Chinese extended meaning is cooperation with help and support. Jinjiang Yousheng always stick to the amity, mutual benefit and reciprocity of cooperation mode with clients.And based on professional quality, with a sincere attitude, high-end service and friendly cooperation with everycustomer.

Sheng () : It means fortunes are prosperous. This idiom comes fromThe Dream of Red Mansions", meaning prosperity and good luck. Jinjiang Yousheng has been deeply involved in the shoe industry for more than ten0 set of research and development, product design and mass production as one of the shoe industry chains. The company sales areas covering many provinces in China and most of the foreign regions. "Sheng" not only shows the current development status of the company, but also reflects Yousheng's vision- the company becomes thriving and prosperous, and sales areas can radiate around the world in the future.years, witha

A combination of Jinjiang and Yousheng is the guarantee of the brand's quality of shoes. It's also the goal of the brand's own development, we will be committed to the high-quality production of Yousheng shoes and created the most satisfactory shoes with the highest cost performance for consumers.

At the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2002, Chinese entrepreneurs received an important directive from the central government- combine "bring in" and "go global". The founder XXX of Yousheng, as an entrepreneur living in the coastal city of Jinjiang Fujian Province. He was deeply inspired by the words "bring in" and "go out". When he faced with the rapid growth of foreign trade orders and the surge of quality and quantity in domestic market since 2000, XXX decided to take the hitch ride of the "golden era" of China's shoe machine industryandaccumulate funds topreparefor thetransformation and development of China's shoe industry.

In February 2003, Jinjiang Yousheng was established, and in the four years after the company had excellent production and sales performance. On December 18, 2007, General Administration of Sport of China National Sport Industry B ase settled in Jinjiang Fujian province. Yousheng grasp the development opportunity again. At that time we recruited a number of professional stylist, cooperated with overseas sports brand studio, and send designers team abroad for further study.

With therapid development of domestic scienceandtechnology. Yousheng forecasted shoe machines industry's future development trend and direction will growfast,company had set up a research and development team in order to make preparation for create an integrated shoe industry chain since 2010.

In 2012, Yousheng officially became a collection of research and development, product design and mass production as one of the enterprises. Each pair of shoes adhere to the principle of providing safety, comfort and benefits with consumers. The company carry out offline distribution and online e-commerce terminals. In the cooperation of all the staff, the products radiate the country and expand into foreign markets. With their continuous efforts, Yousheng had achieved a good reputation.

Yousheng always stick to the concept of cooperation with integrity, adhere to themarketing principle of genuine goods and fixed prices. Persist in craftsmanship spirit, control the quality strictly and create shoes with a national level safety and rest assured standard to bring customers high-quality consumer experience.

Choose high quality plastic and fabric to product shoes. B ring cost-effective, affordable Yousheng products for customers. Manufacture comfortable and high-quality shoes for client.

Innovation: The company focuses on the research and development of gym and casual shoes, keeps up with the pace of science, technology and the changes of the times, and constantly innovates shoes that are more in line with the modern trend and contemporary wearing habits.

Win-win: The company has always been adhering to win-win cooperation, mutual benefit and reciprocity, build a friendly and honest bridge of cooperation with client, and establish all wool and a yard wide cooperative relations with customers.

Jinjiang Yousheng will radiate the shoes famous around the world, let the country and even the world through Jinjiang Yousheng shoes understand high quality shoes in Jinjiang shoes city, and become the domestic sports casual shoes export sales top level enterprises. We will stick to bring the high standard of safe and comfortable shoes to consumers, let more people have access to high-quality shoes, make the cost-effective and affordable shoelaces to every client, and sent the quality of safe shoes to each family.

1. Excellence business: Seventeen years of deep cultivation in the industry, integrated operation of research, production and sales.Compared with the new enterprises and most semi-finished products processing enterprises, Jinjiang Yousheng deeply rooted shoes industry 17years,hasawealthofmanufacturing and marketing experience. The company set research, development, production and sales as one. And it can make protection for customers before the sale and after-sales.

2.Sales area coverage widely: starting fromJinjiang,radiating to the whole country and expanding overseas.Jinjiang Yousheng shoes sales area is broad, and has anexcellent market position and value. The shoes have e xcellent qualityand trusted by consumers, it is conducive to agents and partners to promote.

3. Great varietyofgoods: operatingmore than100categories, there is always a suitable for you.The company has a variety of shoes, which can satisfy the needs of different customer groups, meet the contemporary market demandforbrands,andoutperformmanynon-comprehensive footwearbrandsinthemarketmarketing.

High cost performance: the price of similar products is the best, the service in the same price range shoes is the4.best too.Jinjiang Yousheng shoes compare with other in linewiththe national standard of products. Not only ensurethecondition of quality assurance. But also the products price is higher, the service is better, and more able to win the love of consumers.

5. Excellent products: not only focus onthedetailsofworkmanship, shoe type and foot sense, but alsopayattention to the comfortable wearing sense and fashion.Each shoe of the Yousheng is designed by the professional designer, and the type and foot sense of the shoes have been compared and tested for many times.Intheproduction process to ensurehigh efficiencyandpayattention to the details of the technology. We insistonproviding fashionable, comfortable and secure shoes with consumers.

6. Growth together: mutual benefit and win-win with team, customers, and partners.Jinjiang Yousheng adheres to the concept of friendly, mutua lly beneficial and win-win cooperation. We stick to a serious and responsible cooperation attitude toward the team, customers and partners, so as to bring friendly cooperation experience to everyone.

With the best quality shoes, the highest cost performance, the most assured service, to win the support of consumers.Let client buy cheaply and wear safely.


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